Planting Design with Grasses

Planting with Grasses for Aspiring & Professional Garden Designers


  • Course length: 4 weeks

  • Next start dates: 2nd September 2015 & 7th October 2015

  • Course price: £145 (Approx. US$232)

This online design course is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. In it, I give you my personal insight into how to design with ornamental grasses. With over 25 years of study, design experience and writing about this exciting group of plants, I am eager to share my knowledge with you and open your eyes to their unique characteristics and dynamic potential.
I would like to think that my own, high quality photography enables me to bring these special plants to life and clearly illustrate my thoughts and ideas.

You will never again use grasses as simply decorative details within your gardens, but begin to use them to take your designs to a higher and more meaningful level.

For the past twenty years Michael has lived in the Netherlands were he, writes, designs and gardens. His first two books, written jointly with Piet Oudolf, revealed how to use ornamental grasses and other perennials in the new naturalistic gardens which were becoming increasingly popular in Continental Europe at the time. More recently, books on annuals, tulips and perennials have been published. In every case the emphasis is on how to use these plants to best effect in a garden’s design.

Learning Outcome
You will learn why ornamental grasses can be such powerful elements within a garden’s design. The most effective grasses to use will become familiar friends; you will learn and appreciate their best points and also be aware of their weaknesses. You will understand how to combine them with other garden plants and finally how to bring this knowledge all together when creating planting schemes for an entire garden landscape.

Course Content

Lecture One introduces you to the world of ornamental grasses. We will look at their unique characteristics and find out why these can direct us to using them within planting designs.

Lecture Two begins by looking at how to plant and grow grasses. We look at the most important groups of grasses, but also take a hard look at the negative aspects of using grasses in garden landscapes.

Lecture Three shows how the characteristics which set grasses apart from other broad leaved plants can be exploited when using them in planting associations.

Lecture Four discusses the different roles grasses can play in a garden’s design. We look at their use in flower borders, as ground cover, in naturalistic borders and new style perennial meadows

Online Course Benefits

  • Weekly 1-2-1 tuition and feedback from, and access to, some of the best tutors in the world.
  • Weekly video tutorials, allowing you to revisit lectures again and again.
  • Weekly assignments which are critiqued by your expert tutor - most students find this feedback one of the most valuable aspects of the course
  • Magazine style downloadable transcript (your own four part ebook of the course)
  • All this is done within 'MyClassRoom' - your own virtual, community based global classroom
  • Vibrant social network communities
  • At the end of your course, if you successfully complete your course, you will receive a certificate of completion and an online badge (available to download from your classroom)

To understand more about how it all works, go to the 'How it Works' section!


You can either be an amateur enthusiast or a qualified professional garden designer to take this course.  A keen interest in planting design is a must, and a desire to learn from one of the world's experts in grass plantings.  It doesn't matter where you live, or where you are practicing as a designer - this is a one off opportunity to learn from grasses expert Michael King (located in Holland).


Booking a Place

MyGardenSchool Gardening Courses Start on the First Saturday of Every Month.  You can book your course up to two months in advance (this course is still in production - but you can add it to your wishlist shortly).  Your tutor will make their video lectures available to you each Saturday morning for four weeks, and will support you throughout the course. We look forward to your feedback on this exciting new gardening course.


Planting Design with Grasses

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