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urban gardens with mineo mizuno living art

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Do you have an urban garden or a contemporary garden?  I came across these and have never seen anything like them.  Actually I love them – in the right garden setting this kind of living garden art can look amazing.

Living Art Blends Ceramics and Horticulture

(with thanks to Urban Gardens)

Inspired by his own landscape designs and a trip to his native Japan, Brooklyn-based artistand landscape designer MineoMizuno integrates ceramics and horticulture in Coexistence, an installation of living art forms.



Mizuno leverages his expertise in glazes to work with flattened ceramic spheres onto which he dots with holes and plants moss.


After the large pebble-like spheres enjoy a period of shade and mist, the moss grows into an organic outer skin, functioning a bit like a traditional ceramic glaze, yet still responsive like a plant to the effects of temperature and humidity.


HT Toildrops.



Born 1944, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Lived in Los Angeles (1964-2012)
American Citizenship (1991)
Currently resides in Brookyln, New York
California Institute of Arts, Chouinard Art School, Los Angeles, CA (1966-1968)

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  1. Andrew McIndoe says:

    These are fabulous – I want one!

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